Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Patrick and I just got back from the doctor and got a couple of updates. My belly is measuring at about 41 centimeters. The doctor says I'm about 60% effaced and dilated to about 1 centimeter. She also said the baby has dropped down into my pelvis by another centimeter (to -2 station for those of you that are medically-minded). She was surprised to see that although the baby dropped into my pelvis by a centimeter, which usually makes the belly measurement smaller, my belly was measuring a centimeter bigger. That just means the baby is still growing a lot in these last weeks, even as it is getting ready to make its way out.

I've been feeling some consistent painless contractions, and apparently they're working to get my body ready to deliver the baby. I'm hoping I can keep going like this, slow and steady and without pain, up until the very end. Colin is here visiting and it's been so busy with all the fun stuff the boys have planned. Tomorrow we'll go see a free movie (Lawrence of Arabia) in Moscow, ID and Saturday we're going to go to the public pool -- which has slides! Summer fun!

Two more days and I'll be 38 weeks!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

37 week belly

37 week belly! Finally full term! I'm measuring at about 40 cm, about 20% effaced and still feeling good. Full of baby, but good. I love feeling this baby squirm around inside me. Can't wait for Patrick to be able to feel the same joy once the baby is on the outside. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

week 34 and 35 belly

week 34
week 35
Okay, I slacked on uploading the week 34 belly, but at least I got the photo taken! So, here's weeks 34 and 35 bellies. I still turn sideways to get through tight spaced by instinct, and it's doing me no good! I'm wider front-ways than I am sideways! I feel great -- just a little lacking in stamina. I can only go out and do stuff in the garden for an hour or two before I lose steam. Other than that, I'm feeling good and ready for this big 'ol baby to come out. The baby's really strong -- kicking me so hard sometimes that it startles me. Especially the kicks in the ribs.