Monday, May 15, 2017

vivian helene is 9 months old

She is a beautiful and happy girl. She has been getting quite a few colds, probable brought home from school by Isa. Other than that, she's a very content babe. She has been standing and cruising a lot, and has even taken a few steps unassisted, but she is cautious when it comes to walking on her own, so she doesn't do it - especially cause she can crawl much faster than she could walk! Honestly, I'd like her to hold off on walking as much as possible until we can get out of this house with all tile! I am worried about her falling and bonking her head on the tile multiple times, as she already has and when she does it's heartbreaking. She still has beautiful red hair and bright blue eyes. She says a few words, mostly in Spanish: hola, mama, papa, mira, and ta. Isa is working hard on getting her to say Isa.

9 month stats for Viv:
weight: 22 pounds, 90th percentile
height: 28.7 inches, 85th percentile

Speaking of Isa, she is an absolutely wonderful big sister. She is so kind and patient with her sister. Isa is doing fabulously at school. We are sharing rides with a neighbor, and she is getting to spend so much time speaking Spanish. She is already using full sentences!

3 years 10 month stats (for a school physical checkup)
height: 42.5 inches, 93 percentile
weight: 39.7 pounds, 86 percentile

I am one proud mama of my two girls!