Sunday, December 28, 2014

18 months

Oh our Isa baby is just about a year and a half. We measured her this morning just for fun, and here are her new stats:

-Weight: 28 pounds/ 12.7 kg. She is just about in the 75th percentile now.
-Height: 33 in/ 84 cm. Again just above the 75th percentile.
-Head circumference: 49 cm. Right about at the 90th percentile.

She is really thinning out and growing taller. She hasn't gained much weight since 9 months!

In recent days, she's been starting on 3-4 word sentences. "Where's perrito? Where'd he go? There he is! I found him!" She is learning spanish words and counting. She can kind of count to ten in both Spanish and English, with a little help from us.  She hilariously calls Santa "hump dumpy" (humpty dumpty), probably because they have similar clothing/shape.

She is getting better on the stairs, but is not quite confident enough to go down by herself. She is climbing up on things now, which is good and bad! She is still not a great eater. She recently ate a lot of cheese and then had a big eczema outbreak, so we've been limiting dairy for the time being. Right now her favorite foods are: pretzels, hummus, apples, and bananas.

She is generally a very empathetic person. If someone is sad or frustrated, she runs up to them and says, "Are you ok? I got you," while she pats them with her hand. She loves the Wizard of Oz and asks us to sing "some rainbow" (somewhere over the rainbow) several times a day! She has a Wizard of Oz calendar from her Gram and she knows all the characters by name, and especially loves Toto!