Thursday, March 30, 2017

Vivian Helene is 8 months old!

My pretty, pretty Vivi. She is crawling (has been since just past her 7 month birthday), and pulling up on everything and starting to cruise. She is big ad heavy and very interested in food. She has no teeth yet! She smiles and laughs a lot. She is still in a transition phase between 3 and 2 naps. Some days it is 3, but more often it is 2 longer naps. We've pretty much baby-proofed everything so she can crawl around as she pleases. Her favorite toy is a large plastic water bottle, ha! She is making so many sounds: ba, ba, ba; ma, ma, ma; da, da, da. Not quite forming into words or associated with something or someone specific yet. She is a lovely, healthy person! We are so happy we get to spend each day together with her!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Vivian is 5 then 6 then 7 months old!

Yeah. It's like all the stereotypes about the second kid. I don't post monthly blogs about her progress. Well, once every 3 months isn't too bad, considering we just moved across the world.

Vivian is a large and lovely girl. She absolutely adores her sister. Actually, all she really wants is to be touched/hugged/held by someone she loves, and for someone to smile at her. She is a very good human in that way. If she's fussing...hold her and smile at her! She will instantly smile back! She also looooooves food. In a way Isa did not. She is always grabbing at our food and she eats whatever we give her. It's super fun. We are awaiting a high chair from Chicago, because this girl could spend hours eating if we had one.

She is scootching around a LOT but not quite crawling yet. Was sitting up unassisted easily at her 6 month check up. She babbles a ton and is saying all sorts of combinations of sounds. She's an easy, happy, lovely girl. No teeth yet!