Monday, February 22, 2016

17 weeks of baby 2 and Isa girl

Okay, of course I am way worse at keeping a blog with baby number 2. I don't have the time to sit down and curate my belly photos and keep updates about it all. But I really do want to keep a written record of how this pregnancy is going and how my Isa girl is growing. So, the scoop is that I am definitely showing. (I will get Pat to take a photo one of these days.) My nausea is basically gone, but it lasted from about 6 weeks to 16 weeks. It started to wane around 12 weeks, but wasn't completely gone until very recently. I took this combo of unisom and vit b6 each night and that definitely helped it. I already feel the baby moving, but it's very weak and only every once in a while. I still feel very little interest in cooking or doing housework, like a sort of general malaise. It's hard to be pregnant with a toddler! Isa is high energy and my energy can accurately be described as very, very low at the moment.

Isa is SO into the new baby. She talks to my belly daily, and tells the little one that she will help him/her walk when he/she comes out, that she will sing him/her lullabies, that she will share her toys (we will see about that). She is so sweet. At the last appointment with the midwife, we listened on the doppler for the baby's heartbeat, and when I laid down to hear the heartbeat, Isa came up next to me and kissed me and comforted me while I lay there on the table! I honestly think she thought the baby was about to come. But either way she was so sweet and so loving. I can't wait to have her around when the baby is actually coming.

The 20 week ultrasound is coming up and we are kind of on the fence about finding out the sex. We feel it is a surprise either way - if you find out at the ultrasound or when the baby is born! It does make picking out a name easier. So we will see what we choose. We will have the baby at Little Company of Mary Hospital, and visited their birth center recently. It is very nice! They have private suites with showers, tubs, a big pull out couch, music, aromatherapy, so much! It'll be just as nice as having it at home, or nicer because no clean up!

Okay, on to take care of this child. It is true that I can pay less attention to the pregnancy with a toddler to care for. I have been keenly aware that these are my last few months one on one with Isa, so I've been giving her extra special attention, because my attention will be divided once the baby comes. I think she feels that extra love and has been reflecting it back onto the baby, so win win!