Friday, March 7, 2014

8 months old!

Isa is 8 months old! Whew, time is flying by and she is growing and changing tremendously quickly. In the course of the past month she has: learned to push herself to a seated position from lying down, learned how to pull herself to a stand, can crawl like a champ, can cruise around when holding on to furniture, has gotten her four top front teeth, and is signing milk and saying "mama" and "baba" (papa) unquestionably now (and just beginning to wave goodbye).

This was a rough month, losing Aunt Donna took a toll on us and Isa had to deal with a few days of her mama in tears. She gave me lots to smile about though, and always gave me hugs or laughter when the tears were flowing. It was like Aunt Donna's laughter reflecting through Isa - reminding me to experience the joy and celebrate life.

She got weighed recently and is a whopping 25 pounds and we think around 29 and a half inches long. This girl can eat! She is eating 99% breast milk at this point. Any food we give her gets squished around on her tray and hands and not much makes it into her actual mouth. She sits with us at dinner and gets tiny pieces of our food to try, but mostly she gets her sustenance from nursing. Now that she's gotten very mobile in the last few weeks, we think her weight will start to stabilize.

The weather is changing to spring here and we're looking forward to getting outside and enjoying it!