Saturday, February 15, 2014

seven months old

Isa girl is seven months old! So much has happened this month that it's hard to keep track. She can get around the room pretty easily by now. She uses a variety of methods such as army crawling, taking a couple of actual crawl steps, or pivoting and rolling. She can definitely get up on all fours easily now, and she's taken to even getting into the downward dog yoga pose quite often. She can now stand on her own if we put her next to something to hold onto, but she can't quite pull herself to a stand or fully crawl just yet.

Just in the past couple of days she's been sticking her tongue in and out as well as rocking her head back and forth like a little rock and roller. There are some videos of these things if you follow the link in the upper right corner of this blog. This month she has also started to truly communicate with us! She has started to say "mom" and  has learned how to sign "milk," two of the more important parts of her life.

Her napping has also consolidated a lot in the past month. She can now stay awake for about 3 hours between naps and she almost always sleeps over an hour per nap. She takes 2-3 naps a day, down from 5 or 6 a month ago. This means we can get out and about more easily in her awake times, which is great!

Lately she's been talking a lot like Gus Gus from Cinderella -- hilarious kid! No more teeth yet, and she won't have another doctor's appointment until 9 months, but we think her weight has stabilized for the past month or so, which is a relief for us!

Enjoy these 7th month photos:

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Signing baby!

Even though we're just a day away from Isa's seven month birthday post, I have to report on a small but exciting update: Isa is signing!!

Starting at her six month birthday, we starting signing "milk" and "nurse" to her. We did this about half of the time she was about to eat. We wanted to be more consistent with it, but we are new to signing and didn't remember to do it each time. Well, last night Patrick was home alone with Isa while I was at class and she started to get fussy. When he asked her with the sign if she wanted milk, she stopped fussing and signed milk back to him! When I got home, he couldn't wait to tell me the news, but I hadn't seen it for myself.

But again this morning, right as Isa and I were waking up, we came into the front room and she signed milk to me! So I turned to her, asked her if she wanted milk (again signed it back to her), and she smiled and signed it clear as day right back to me. So I gave her some milk!  Now, we are planning to add more signs to the repertoire. On a side note, she has definitely began saying mamamamaaa when I go out of the room and she wants me to come back. 

It is super exciting for us to be able to communicate with her.  She is talking to us, and we are understanding her, which is wonderful and exhilarating for all of us.