Friday, July 19, 2013

One week old

We are getting adjusted to life with little Isa. The biggest challenge so far has been getting good quality sleep. Thankfully, we've had tons of help from Mary Ellen, Colin and Charley in the cooking and cleaning departments. We've mostly had to focus on caring for and getting to know Isabel, which is a great luxury.
She sleeps most of the day, as is normal for her age. She's a great nurser, so breastfeeding hasn't been a problem at all. She is a very strong girl -- she has already turned herself onto her side from lying on her back! We go for her 2 week checkup on Monday, so by then we'll know if she's gained back her birth weight. She makes us smile when she smiles. We know it's an involuntary facial expression now, but it still cracks us up!
She is very easy to please. When she lets out a little cry, usually we can either hold her, change her diaper or feed her and she calms right back down. We're lucky she's a very happy baby. So far no inconsolable crying. *fingers crossed*

She's had a couple of baths so far, and she's loves them! She is very calm in the water and relaxed when she comes out of the bath. We'll probably make it into a bedtime ritual.

We spent the afternoon in the park the other day, just to get out of the house for a bit. She loved the sunshine and the breeze.
As always, more photos can be found here.

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