Tuesday, December 10, 2013

five months old!

Our beautiful baby is five months old already! A lot has happened in her life in the past month. She got her first two (bottom) teeth, she is rolling all over the floor, she laughs a lot, is doing mini-push-ups on the floor and loves playing with her hands and feet. She's discovered a few new sounds her mouth can make, and practices all of them until she turns red in the face!

Her Aunts Emily and Anna and Uncle Linus came to visit her and gave her lots of hugs and kisses during Thanksgiving break. She is going to have a busy fifth month of her life, as she'll be visiting Arizona to see her great grandmother Nan and her Great Uncle Kurt! Then Isa and Mama will be going to Chicago for the Christmas and New Year's holidays. She's a very well-traveled girl already!

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  1. how much isa has grown over the christmas holidays...so glad we were so lucky to see her sit up on her own, & roll baby roll!! who knew she would always smile for her gram.. :) but i'm sure she was so happy to see her papa..looking forward to her 6 month pics!! xoxo