Wednesday, June 25, 2014

11 months

Well, I am more than a bit behind on posting this month. Isa has been 11 months for a while now, and there's so much to update:
- she began walking at 10 and a half months! Now she is walking everywhere, and there is no stopping her!
- her vocabulary is expanding. She says this, that, hi (and waves), bye, dog, mama, dada, belly button, teeth, eye, kitty, and points to everything trying to learn its name. She signs milk, nurse, tired, and more.
- Isa is much more vocal now, "talking" to us in what sounds like whole sentences, even though at this point it is mostly just ooh's and aah's.
- She is getting better at her small motor skills. She can pick up any tiny thing using her pincer grasp, and is just beginning to hold a pen/crayon to draw
- Her gross motor skills are amazing - she can walk everywhere, squat down to pick things up, stand up on her own without holding on, but she is not yet crawling onto things (thank goodness).

I swear I have photos from this month, but they won't be uploaded until later, when I get them off my camera that is currently in Chicago.

Family updates: We are currently in Wenatchee, WA where Patrick is teaching a Spanish immersion course through WSU Extension. We will be finished here mid-July, so we will be spending Isa's first birthday here in Washington! Also, Patrick got a really, really good job at Hinsdale Central High School (part-time, 80%). He will begin that job in mid-August. We will be moving in Hinsdale once we get back into the Chicagoland area late July. Our other travel plans include Glacier National Park July 18-20, Stevensville Michigan July 27- 30 and Stratford Canada (to see King Lear) August 5-7.

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  1. sounds super busy, but also really fun!! Congrats to Pat, on the new job, & getting a bit settled in.. (for now) xoxox