Friday, July 31, 2015

Isa is two. years. old.

Oh my, oh my. Isa girl is TWO?!? She is a big, big girl. She speaks to us in entire sentences. She is going pee on the toilet. She eats food. She can spend hours on end with other people without any problem. She's basically a grown up.

We have done a whole lot in her two years with her. She's experienced more than some 80 year olds. She's been to Canada and Uruguay, to National Parks. She's flown on a plane more times than you can count on one hand. She swam in the ocean, lakes, the rio de la plata. She's spoken Spanish and met friends from around the world. She charms everyone she meets. She can identify flora and fauna from a Canary Islands Palm Tree to an American ground squirrel. She knows her ABC's, can count from 1-10 in Spanish and English. She does yoga with Auntie Em. She fully memorized several books. She can crack an egg and cook it. She can make tea and coffee. She jumps and runs and holds a pen correctly. She can go up and down the stairs herself.

She makes friends like Oprah and cares for people like Mother Theresa. She pushes limits like Martin Luther King and makes art like Picasso. She sings and dances like Elvis and swims like Michael Phelps. She loves like Anne Frank. She's an artist, a singer, a dancer, a thinker, a lover, my best friend and the love of my life.  

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