Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Baby 2 and Isa is 2 and a half!

Time for some news. Fitzbaby #2 is on the way and will leave his or her watery home sometime in late July or early August. Woooooo!

So that means I am about 10 weeks along, and have been feeling like absolute garbage. I have been nauseous, tired and lethargic for about 8 of those weeks. Let's hope it lifts soon, because I have plans to teach 3 classes, raise Isa, and write my entire dissertation during this pregnancy. 

In other news, my beautiful Isa is 2 and a half! She is so wonderful, I can't even describe how I feel about her here. She spends a large part of her days signing songs, and especially likes to sing "Once Upon a Dream" from Sleeping Beauty at the moment. She can sing the whole Do, Re, Mi song from The Sound of Music and she's only seen the movie twice! She is very musical, this child. She starts "school" today - which is an hour-long class at Kennedy Park once a week. I think she will really like it. We recently joined this rec center (The Kroc) that has an indoor pool and water park and she loves the water. She never wants to leave! 

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