Thursday, February 14, 2013

valentine's day/birthday surprises

Today is both Valentine's Day and Patrick's birthday and we got a couple of super fun baby surprises in the mail today: a crib and a mobile from our Amazon baby registry! Grandma Heidi sent us this awesome crib:

And this beautiful mobile:

We haven't set up the crib yet, since I'm still feeling sick and Patrick didn't feel like spending his birthday with instruction manuals, but we plan to set it up this weekend. We especially want to find out if the lowest setting on the crib will be low enough for us to use the crib as a bedside sleeper for when the baby's first born (we can just take off one of the sides of the crib). If so, that'll be one less thing we have to buy.

Is it strange to have a fully assembled crib in the house this many months before the baby's born? It's something fun to look at and imagine. Plus, I think the mobile is beautiful enough for adult eyes. Patrick's not so sure about setting up the mobile so far in advance, but I like it enough to look at it myself!

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