Tuesday, February 26, 2013

20 weeks

Last night Patrick felt the baby kick for the first time! I have been feeling it moving around in there for at least a few weeks now and have been trying to get it to move enough for Patrick to feel. Alas, each time I got him to put his hand on my belly, the baby stopped. I guess s/he's unwilling to perform under pressure. But last night I made Patrick keep his hand on my belly for a long while after drinking some orange juice (which usually gets the baby moving). And all of a sudden, a big KICK! And I looked to Patrick and said, "you had to have felt that." He nodded yes. Unfortunately, we were in the middle of watching this ultimate girls fail compilation 2012, and we were laughing too hard to pay attention to the baby:

Really dumb things like this have been hilariously funny to me lately. My mind is in a whole different place right now, a kind of suspended childlike reality where I can't think too analytically and I laugh and cry at really silly things. I kind of like this break from my normal brain. It's like a new me for a few months.

I just read an article today on BBC about how babies can hear syllables in the womb. So, Patrick better start with the Spanish already, that baby better learn how to roll those r's!

Another bit of happy news is that I discovered that even though my insurance company is really terrible, they cover literally unlimited massages. So I have gone twice in the past two weeks to get a full body, hour-long massage. And oh boy, are they great. And the best part, absolutely no copay. I just show up, get massaged and leave. No paperwork, no grueling phone calls. And rest assured, I'm going to take advantage of this after the insurance company has tried to destroy me over the past year. The claims are going to start rolling in. Patrick is also taking up this incredible offer, starting next week or so.

Last bit of news, we'll be getting our official 20 week ultrasound on Friday of this week! So we'll have at least some pictures to post and I think we'll try to take a little video of the monitor if the tech lets us. I know that ultrasounds lack much efficacy in terms of medical outcomes, but I'm really excited to see the little one. The baby should be basically anatomically normal by now, so it no longer looks like a scary alien child. From now on it'll just be gaining fat and growing. Maybe we'll even get to see its facial features a little. I just want to know that I've got a healthy baby growing in there, and do whatever I need to do to keep it that way.

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